How much does car insurance cost for a 16 year old?

"How long is it possible to proceed without insurance after purchase of the new-vehicle? I understand it ought to be accomplished immediately but I have other things going on today and dont have time for you to get rates presently. I recently wont travel until I get insurance The amount of money per month could my insurance please no silly answers and be been insurance for 7months and around to get a 17-year old with owners ed course the vehicle I would like is just a 1984 cutlass and just say the automobile will probably be worth 1500
Simply how much does a checkup generally cost with insurance?
How much the least expensive insurance for vehicle that is outdated? I have a used ford.
Is state park an excellent insurance carrier?
What's the top(cheapest) orthodontic insurance?
"Basically push my uncles autoI had been recently in a yesterday

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